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Common Name: Ylang Ylang (Extra)

Botanicals Name: Cananga Odorata

Cultivation: Wild Crafted

Origin: Canada

Plant Part Used: Flowers

Extraction Method: 1st Steam Distillation

Note: Top

Source: Single Source


Aroma: Floral, sweet, exotic, strong,

Included In Blends: Ignition (Blue), Ignition (Pink)

About:  Some of the most exquisite, exotic and beautiful aromas in all of aromatherapy are extracted from flowers and Ylang Ylang belongs in that category! For those familiar with its aroma it’s easy to understand what makes this unique and inviting aroma from its thin star shaped flowers so cherished. The distillation of Ylang Ylang flowers is lengthy and multiple grades of oil are extracted during the process. The “extra” is the oil taken during the initial phase, and is considered this flower’s equivalent to a first distillation. As the process continues more oil is extracted, as the grades continue as "1", “2”, “3”, and finally “complete” which as the name describes is a collected mixture of all grades.  We personally feel the aroma and therapeutic potential of the “Extra” is optimal and only offer the top grade. Ylang Ylang’s reputation in various areas is solid and is often found in relaxing blends.    

Note: Health Fusion oils are potent, pure, products and must be used with knowledge and care. Keep out of reach of children and dilute before use. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or replace your healthcare professional. These products are meant for external use only.