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Top 11 Flower Essences & Tinctures for Every Home

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Here are Floracopeia’s top eleven flower essences for every home, including blends and Flower Essence Tinctures. This kit is designed to make it easy to stock your home pharmacy or holistic healing or clinical practice. The kit contains: Stress Relief Blend: A relaxing and soothing floral blend. Can be used to support the healing of daily or chronic stress. Rose Flower Essence Tincture: Soothes & strengthens the heart, quiets an overactive mind and supports emotional equilibrium. Supports a healthy inflammatory response. Flow Free -- Corydalis Flower Essence: An energetic cleanser to boldly move through stagnation creating improved flow and feelings of well-being. Great applied topically. Mind Ease Blend: Addresses negative mental states, confusion, and repetitive thoughts. Flower Fortress Blend: Protective flowers that ward against disruptive & disharmonious forces. Support for those living in urban environments & those exposed to electromagnetic pollution. Purify & Manifest -- Palo Santo Flower Essence: A strongly purifying and protective essence that works to remove negativity and enhance creativity. Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture: Enhances vitality and improves resistance to the cumulative effects of daily stress. Brings clarity around our truth and life purpose. Renewal Blend: Floral support for a new beginning. Calendula Flower Essence Tincture: Supports personal empowerment, receptivity and internal comfort, especially in communication dynamics. Supports digestive and skin health. Lavender Flower Essence Tincture: Relaxes the nervous system to support deep sleep & calm mental states. Encourages us to acknowledge and express our deeper wisdom. Liberation -- Rowan: Rowan is protective, strengthening and empowering. It can be used to release dark thoughts, emotional pain and hopelessness. Safety Considerations: Flower essences are safe for use by people and animals of all ages. Flower essences do not interfere with other botanical preparations or supplements or non-botanical pharmaceuticals. *Please note: Flower essence is scentless and odorless, and, therefore, distinct from essential oils.