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Simple Aromatherapy Roll-on Collection

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About the Simple Aromatherapy Roll-on Collection

Our Simple Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll-On Collection has you covered; infuse a moment with intention and the gorgeous, effective gift of aromatherapy. Collection includes roll-on bottles of (Roll-on bottles are packaged in a paper gift box with a gold foil Floracopeia logo):

The effectiveness of aromatherapy comes in many forms -- one is the influencing power on the mind. With these masterfully blended, on-the-go formulations you can add intention to a moment and shift your mental state toward that which you desire.

These roll-on bottles deliver the perfect amount of aroma, coupled with skin-loving moisture, in this perfectly packaged travel companion. Aromatherapy can be easy and instant; apply the oil and awaken a new state of mind. Carry a new ritual with you anywhere: waiting in line, at the keyboard, or while gathering with friends.

Roll-on applicator bottles stow easily in your purse, pocket, or desk. We designed these products with our original, pure essential oil blends in an optimal dilution of moisturizing jojoba oil. Our organic jojoba oil, with its bright and golden sunlit color, is a highly regarded moisturizer due to its fatty acid profile closely resembling that of our skin's own sebum (and it also resists rancidity).

A few tips: Shake your roll-on lightly before each use. Apply directly to small areas of dry skin as a convenient skin moisturizer with an added aromatic benefit. Apply to clean skin to keep the contents pure. Jojoba is incredibly shelf stable, but will last best if kept out of direct sunlight and heat.

Simple Aromatherapy Roll-On Collection Details

Collection Directions: Six of our best-selling roll-on bottles containing our pure essential oil signature blends optimally diluted into a base of skin-loving jojoba oil. Aromatherapy has never been easier; your essential oils are ready to apply to the skin in a very user-friendly glass bottle with a stainless steel applicator ball.

About Relax Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

This roll-on is an essential aromatherapy addition for anyone. Its sweet, floral and spicy aroma creates a peaceful and serene outlook. Take a moment and create a soothing retreat in the middle of a fast-paced day. Having Relax roll-on in your pocket means you can calm your mind before an important meeting, exam, or performance. Relax is a wonderful and gentle blend for children. Rub their arms with it a bit before long car rides or before bedtime. Use it yourself before bed, meditation, work, or yoga; the possibilities are endless. This is a fantastic aromatherapeutic tool to keep nearby at all times. Relax blend contains the pure essential oils of Lavender and Rhododendron and is sweet, spicy, and floral.

Safety Considerations for Relax Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

About Little Angels Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

This enchanting blend of lavender, vetiver and other relaxing oils will promote tranquility at nap time, in the playroom, and beyond. Roll-on tranquility, a cherished state that we all crave for ourselves and our little angels. Those with young children benefit from a safe, gentle way to bring peace, calm and rest. This blend was formulated to smell wonderful and be inviting to all members of the family. This roll-on contains the original essential oil blend of Lavender Kashmir Oil, Cedar Oil, Cape Chamomile Oil and Vetiver Oil.

Safety Considerations for Little Angels Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

About Breathe Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Essential oils are a valuable tool to support clear and open breathing; roll on this wonderful oil as often as needed to experience the deep benefits. Breathe Blend roll-on is beautifully fragrant and can be used to enhance and support your breathing. Great for gifting to anyone who lives where air quality is a challenge. The regular use of essential oils for the respiratory system is an extremely valuable practice for people everywhere, and the Breathe Blend was designed for this purpose. Breathe contains Eucalyptus, Silver fir and White sage essential oils and is crisp, camphoraceous, and resinous balsamic.

Safety Considerations for Breathe Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

About Dream Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Dream roll-on perfectly integrates with your evening routine to awaken your intuition and imbue your dreams with creativity and sweetness. Our Dream Roll-on belongs on your nightstand for anointing or inhalation before sleep. Enhance your dreams with this blend that awakens your creativity and intuition. Jatamansi has been revered in the Ayurvedic tradition for ages to settle the mind and emotions to make way for deep and restful slumber. Jasmine sambac, which opens its blossoms at night, brings an intoxicating fragrance and the creative mystery of the evening. Dream contains Aged Patchouli, Mandarin, Jatamansi,Ylang Ylang and Night Blooming Jasmine. Aromatically, Dream roll-on is exotically floral, with notes of musk and citrus.

Safety Considerations for Dream Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

About Muscles Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Muscles roll-on belongs in any backpack, yoga, or gym bag to bring soothing comfort to the effects of an adventurous, active lifestyle. This roll-on is fabulously effective in supporting the adventurous, active body throughout the day. Imagine the usefulness of carrying a roll-on to immediately apply to any area of your body that feels the effects of a strenuous activity. The essential oils in the Muscles Blend smell great and will work equally well to bring relief to an overworked, overstimulated mind. Muscles contains Helichrysum and Wintergreen essential oils. Aromatically, Muscles roll-on is crisp, herbaceous and minty. It will cool and awaken the mind as you roll it onto affected areas.

Safety Considerations for Muscles Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.

About Focus Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Conveniently roll on our best selling Focus blend to create an aromatherapeutic atmosphere that allows your best work to emerge. Focus is a supportive blend to sharpen mental focus and allow your maximum creativity and productivity to emerge. This convenient product is a must-have to be kept by every desk, artist’s studio, or mobile work station. Focus blend roll-on can be used when you or the kids are working on homework and projects. Roll on this powerful blend during the late afternoon, when mental focus tends to diminish, for a caffeine-free pick me up. Focus Blend contains the pure essential oils of Lavender Kashmir, Rosemary Spanish, Peppermint, Tulsi and Melissa. Aromatically, our Focus Blend roll-on is cool and clarifying with herbaceous floral notes.

Safety Considerations for Focus Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Do not take internally.