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Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture

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About Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture Sacred Basil FlowersThis multilayered formula combines three levels of concentration designed to amplify the benefits of each. It contains a unique tincture of biodynamic Sacred Basil flowering tops, flower essences, and a biocompatible level of essential oils targeting all levels: body, mind and spirit. Sacred Basil is one of India's most sacred plants often referred to as "the incomparable one" (aka Holy Basil or Tulsi). It is classified as a rasayana; a substance that nourishes perfect health and promotes long life. Sacred basil has a long history of use for modulating the body's inflammatory pathways and supporting digestive & respiratory health. Additionally, it has been used to support focus and memory. On another level, this synergistic formula can be seen as a type of spiritual tonic. Throughout tradition it is said to nourish and help maintain balance of the subtle bodies. It has an affinity for the crown of the head and soles of the feet & can be applied externally to these areas. It is excellent to support the manifestation of our highest truth and soul directed purpose. With the addition of the Motherwort flower essence, this formula helps us to nourish ourselves and our dreams. Additionally, it can be supportive to help heal and resolve old emotional scars that might be impeding our way. Sacred Basil is thought to carry a quality of purity and wisdom; engendering compassion, love and gratitude. Contains: Fresh Organic Biodynamic Sacred Basil flowering tops, spring water, Organic grain alcohol, Sacred Basil flower essence, Motherwort flower essence, Sacred Basil essential oil and Neroli blossom essential oil.