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Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Collection

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How to Use Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Collection As a Facial Mist and Toner: Generously mist on face, neck and décolletage after cleansing. It can be used anytime throughout the day. As a Hot or Cold Compress: Saturate washcloth with ½ bottle cold hydrosol (refrigerated) OR warm to hot hydrosol (heated gently on the stove-watch carefully-don't over heat). Ring out. Fold washcloth flat and place on desired area. Leave on for 10 minutes or more. Repeat as often as desired. *Using more hydrosol for your compress or diluting it with water (up to ½) is also an option. Benefits: To tonify, nourish and speed healing to areas of need. Considered supportive for injured areas, womb (moon cycle discomfort, after birth or miscarriage), breasts, skin imbalances, etc. Safe and loved by children of all ages. As a Body Mist: Spray liberally on the skin after showering and before applying one of our body oils, such as argan. Benefits: Hydrates, renews the skin, reduces ages spots and adorns the skin with the soft beautiful scent of this precious tree. As a Room Spray: Spray around any environment many times a day. Benefits: Calms the mind and nervous system, enhances connection and uplifts the spirit. Fills the room with the lovely soft wood notes of this precious and revered tree. As a Meditation Enhancer: Use as an ‘aura’ spray, misting around yourself before yoga, meditation and spiritual practice. Benefits: This sacred scent has been used since time immemorial for enhancing spiritual practice and meditation. Grounds, calms the mind and enhances connection. As a Hair Mist: Mist on dry ends of the hair. Benefits: A lovely way to hydrate hair and restore shine without the toxic chemicals found in most hair care products.