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Muscles Essential Oil Blend

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About Muscles Essential Oil Blend

Our signature Muscles Essential Oil Blend is a blend of helichrysum and wintergreen designed to support the active and hard-working body throughout the day. Dilute the Muscles Blend into a high-quality carrier oil and rub into the skin over muscles, joints and other areas to promote comfort and relaxation. The essential oils in the Muscles Blend smell great and will work to bring ease to an overworked, overstimulated mind and body.

This blend is a must have for athletes, yoga practitioners or those who do heavy physical labor. Keep a small bottle premixed with your favorite carrier oil in with your yoga mat or gym bag and use before or after engaging in strenuous activity.

Immortelle: The Golden Flower of Healing

How to Use Muscles Essential Oil Blend

  • Massage Oil: Add several drops of Muscles blend to your favorite carrier oil or body lotion. Apply generously daily before or after activities to promote comfort and ease.

Safety Considerations for Muscles Essential Oil Blend

Wintergreen oil can be toxic and a skin irritant in high concentration. Do not take this blend internally or use undiluted.

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