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Inner Star Mist

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About Inner Star Mist A Misting Potion for Skin, Aura, and Home. Inner Star Mist supports the blossoming of true confidence, courage and faith in oneself. It is perfect for those who feel bombarded by ‘outside or inner’ pressures, for those who feel unsure of themselves, and for those who feel overly shaped by society and others' expectations. Inner Star Mist is a powerful ally in moments when we lack clarity, confidence and self-trust. It activates the courage we need to shine our unique light and detach from needing excessive validation. Like a star beaming from the heart space, Inner Star Mist activates an awareness of our soul’s unique song and our heart’s wisdom. By connecting us to our true essence, it empowers us to disengage from competition and comparison and instead look inside for our own answers. Thus, it promotes a healthy, authentic self-expression. In a nutshell, our Inner Star Mist helps us to feel confident to be who we are. How To Use Inner Star Mist Gently shake and mist on your skin for a moisturizing toner, and around yourself or your environment for faith and confidence. Ingredients Aromatic water of Rosa alba; essential oils of rose, Moroccan neroli & Corsican laurel; Icelandic wildflower essences of sea campion, mountain cornflower, arctic thyme, mountain avens, wood crane’s bill; wildflower essences of immortelle, white lotus, white desert primrose, rose, yellow mullein, calendula and cistus.