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Illuminate: Cottongrass Flower Essence

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*Please note: A flower essence is energetic and odorless and therefore distinct from essential oils.

About Illuminate: Cottongrass Flower Essence

Illuminate: Cottongrass FlowerCottongrass, a highly regarded plant throughout Iceland, is one of the most beautiful jewels of this dramatic and dynamic landscape. It decorates both the highlands and the lowlands, preferring moist bogs and wetland habitats, and greatly contributes to soil stability. The pillow-like seed heads resemble plush cotton fibers that were used traditionally as wicks for candles and oil lamps. This historical use points to its healing therapeutic as a flower essence.

Just as this plant was used traditionally as a candlewick to illuminate the dark, the flower essence is used to enhance clarity. This ‘torch of light and hope’ illuminates our inner vision and activates deep fortitude. Cottongrass stimulates the ‘unification of inner strengths’ to effectively navigate dark or trying times. Many find that this flower essence has a softening, soothing and comforting effect while simultaneously boosting inner resolve. Additionally, it can be used to stimulate the remembrance of hidden abilities or past-life talents.

Ingredients: Spring water, 20% organic grape alcohol and infusion of Cottongrass flower (Eriphorum scheuchzeri and Eriphorum angustifolium)

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How to Use Illuminate: Cottongrass Flower Essence

Due to the energetic nature of flower essences, it is important to not let the glass dropper touch anything other than the flower essence itself in order to keep the essence as potent as possible. Flower essences have an extremely high level of safety and can be used by people of all ages. Flower essences are great for animals too.

  • Internally: 1-2 drops on the tongue, four times a day or as desired. They can also be added to spring water and sipped on throughout the day.
  • Externally: Flower essences can be applied topically to areas of the body, such as the acupuncture or marma points. A few drops can also be added to massage oil, body care products, clearing/room spray (spring water and essential oil blend), and numerous other ways.

Why Organic Grape Alcohol?

It is a superior preservative with no GMO concerns. If one is desiring to not consume alcohol, the flower essence can be applied topically or diluted in a large glass of spring water and sip on throughout the day. In a typical dose of flower essence (1-2 drops) the alcohol content is extremely low.

What is a Flower Essence?

A flower essence is a bioenergetic imprint of a flower that has been transferred and stabilized in water. It is the Qi or life force of the flower that has been captured by water. Flower essences work directly on our energetic system such as the acupuncture meridians and are used primarily to address issues involving our emotions, mind and soul and work indirectly to create physical health and balance. Flower essences are a primary treatment for what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Shen or Spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine primarily views Shen or Spirit as our psychological health and well-being.

Flowers are much more than a thing of beauty. Each flower is profoundly intelligent and holds specific transformational information found in nature that can help us to know and understand ourselves better, allowing us to shift out of self-limiting, self-destructive patterns and behaviors. Flower essences activate the body's innate healing intelligence which can be especially important if the body has gotten stuck in a chronic pattern of imbalance. Since flower essences are energetic in nature, generally speaking their benefits are not due to a direct bio-chemical interaction with the body but instead they work on the various energy pathways and fields such as the acupuncture meridians to create body, mind and spirit health and well-being.

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More Information About Illuminate: Cottongrass Flower Essence

Eriophorum scheuchzeri; Scheuchzer's cottongrass is a sedge of marshy area's. The conspicuous silvery-white hairs surrounding the flowers in the spikes make members of the Eriophorum species quite easily recognizable. The fluffy flower head only appears when fruits start to develop and are small (invisible from a distant) during initial blossoming. Another common cotongrass on Iceland is E. angustifolium: common cottongrass. The species can easily be recognized: E. scheuchzeri has only 1 spike on 1 stem while E. angustifolium has many spikes on the individual stems.

Comes from a genus of about 25 species of flowering plants in the family Cyperaceae, the sedge family. They are found throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere in acid bog habitats, being particularly abundant in Arctic tundra regions

They are herbaceous perennial plants with slender, grass-like leaves. The seed heads are covered in a fluffy pillow of white cotton-like fibers which are carried on the wind to aid dispersal. In cold Arctic regions, these masses of translucent fibres also serve as 'down' – increasing the temperature of the reproductive organs during the Arctic summer by trapping solar radiation.

Old Icelandic Poem about Cottongrass

The light is long and slender,
long and narrow, long and slender,
The light is long and slender,
lights up on Fifu bars.

Halla woman walks quickly,
walks quickly, walks quickly,
Halla woman walks quickly
down the corridors.