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Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil

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About Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil

A long standing Floracopeia favorite, Geranium Sur Fleur Rose translates to "geranium on rose" and is a unique custom-distilled oil, produced in very limited amounts. To create our rose geranium oil, leaves of rose geranium are distilled simultaneously with fresh petals of Damascus rose. The result is a fragrance that has both the rich and heady notes of the rose geranium, as well as many intriguing layers of soft delicate rose notes.

Use of this exquisite oil will promote love and attraction, and these benefits will grow as you incorporate it into your daily routines. This oil is enjoyed by many; it is a natural perfume, and can be worn on the skin or added to a spritzer to elevate and refresh your mood. Geranium and rose’s abilities to uplift and clear the emotions eases transitions out of times of sadness and grief. This a wonderful oil to use in our fast-paced modern society — it will negate feelings of stress and worry, and will help to open the heart and encourage love and connection.

Geranium oil’s earthy, rich scent is pungent and uplifting. Damascus rose oil is well-known for evoking sensual moods; together these oils work in harmony to make a soothing balm for both the body and the mind. For women, it promotes a balanced moon cycle. This precious oil can be added to the routine of caring for the skin, to assist with both rejuvenation and beautification. Well-known for inspiring sensual moods, geranium sur fleur rose can be used in a bath or diluted in a carrier oil to anoint a loved one.

Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil Profile

This unique co-distillation oil is made from rose petals and geranium leaves. It is custom made and steam-distilled for Floracopeia in South Africa from certified organic geranium and non-certified organic Damascus rose.

How to Use Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil

  • Direct Palm Inhalation: Use two drops of Geranium Sur Fleur Rose rubbed between the palms, deeply inhaled to open and settle the heart and promote feelings of love. Consider keeping in your pocket for use throughout the day during emotionally challenging times or transitions.

Other Ways To Use Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil

Geranium Sur Fleur Rose oil can be applied topically, as a compress, in the bath, and through direct inhalation.

  • Soothing Skin: Blend a few drops of Geranium Sur Fleur Rose oil your favorite facial oil to cool upset skin and promote beauty.
  • Love Aromatic Bath: Add two drops Geranium Sur Fleur Rose to bathwater to relax into a sensual mood.

Aromatic Profile and Blending of Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil

This essential oil has a fragrance that includes both the rich and heady notes of the rose geranium, as well as many intriguing layers of soft delicate rose notes. Blend our sur fleur geranium oil with lavender essential oil, citrus oils, or other floral oils.

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Interesting Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil Information

Geranium has a long history of use in treating burns and other eruptions of the skin in African culture and is commonly used in food and drink flavoring as well as in fine perfumes and cosmetics.

Venerated throughout the ages for its beauty and healing properties in both perfumery and medicine, rose is a classic sight and scent that offers universal sentiment of not only love, but also a deep well-being emanating from the heart. The tenderness and care we apply to our loving relationships must also be taken in regard to preparing Rose for use as perfume or medicine. Roses must be harvested before sunrise, ideally after a night basking in the light of the full moon, at a time when both luscious scent and healing qualities are at their height, and carefully prepared in order to produce the most potent scents and powerful healing gifts.

It requires 1,400,000 handpicked rose blossoms to produce a liter of rose oil. A single ounce of rose oil contains the essence of 40,000 rose blossoms, and sixty-seven rose blossoms give only one drop of rose oil. If we remember these numbers as we inhale the precious rose perfume, we will naturally feel a sense of gratitude toward all those who have labored hard to bring us such a treasure. Roses and rose oil have a long history of symbolic association with love, devotion, passion and spirituality, a paradox expressed by its sensual flower protected by thorns. Sacred scents such as rose essential oil are evocative of spiritual and erotic moods have always been used for their uplifting effects on the heart and emotions.

Ayurvedic medicine considers rose oil tri-doshic (good for all body types), and uses rose oil for treating a variety of inflammatory conditions, either as a single remedy or prepared with other herbs or minerals. An infusion of rose petals is a mild remedy for pitta (fire induced) symptoms such as headaches, throat inflammation and hangovers. Praval Pisthi is a cooling anti-inflammatory compound prepared by combining rose oil with pearl powder and then exposing the mixture to the rays of the full moon. Read David Crow's article on rose essential oil.

Safety Considerations for Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil

Do not take oil internally. Do not apply directly to the eyes or mucous membranes. Potential for Skin Irritation: Low.

Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Rose-Geranium Co-distillation
  • Composition: Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Co-distillation Essential Oil
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Plant Part: Rose Petals and Geranium Leaves
  • Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Cultivation/Harvesting: Organic Geranium and Organic Roses
  • Bottle Size: 1 Dram (3.75 mL)
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