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Gardenia Agarwood Attar Perfume Roll-On, 5mL

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Gardenia Agarwood Attar Perfume Roll-On Gardenia Agarwood AttarMade from organic gardenia flowers extracted using traditional enfleurage method, infused into sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood oil, with the addition of a diverse collection of agarwood oils from around the world. Organic gardenia flowers have been extracted using the old traditional method of enfleurage, placing the flowers on sheets of glass and pressing them slowly into a base of sustainably grown organic palm oil. This enfluerage is then infused into Australian sandalwood oil; the oil is distilled from trees that are sustainably harvested by aboriginal tribes from their ancestral lands, with the proceeds supporting community development. Finally, a small amount of various rare agarwood oils are added, just enough to bring out the full bouquet of the gardenia flowers. Similar to champa, this attar has an intensely sweet nectar fragrance. It is richly floral at first, but light and ephemeral and rapidly melds on the skin to produce its individualized fragrance. Being free of all synthetic perfume ingredients, regular applications throughout the day add richness of aroma.