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Frankincense Spirit Journey Collection

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How to Use the Incense Burner Step 1 Fill our ceramic bowl or a small heat resistant bowl with our white Japanese ash, sand or natural rock/pebbles. Step 2 Place burner on a heat resistant surface. Step 3 Hold one end of one of our traditional Japanese charcoals and light the other end. Traditionally charcoal takes longer to light as it is free of toxic, unhealthy lighter fluid. It is helpful to GENTLY blow on the lighted end of charcoal to help the heat penetrate. Be sure to hold it over the bowl when blowing to catch any ash that may fall. Step 4 Simply place the lighted charcoal on top of the ash inside your bowl burner. Step 5 Place a small piece of resin on top of the lighted charcoal and enjoy! Safety Guidelines and Considerations