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FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Tincture Set

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The FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Tincture Set includes a 1oz bottle of each of the following: Passionflower Flower Essence Tincture: Passionflower’s otherworldly blossoms have enjoyed many ethnobotanical uses that support harmonious living in modern times. Expert at relaxing the nervous system to counteract agitation, restlessness, excessive mental activity, disturbed sleep, and feelings of depletion, it is excellent for balancing an overstimulated body and mind, and enhancing spiritual insight. Rose Flower Essence Tincture: An organic, biocompatible blend of flowers, targeting multiple levels to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. Soothes & strengthens the heart, quiets an overactive mind and supports emotional equilibrium, and supports a healthy inflammatory response. Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture: A multidimensional preparation of flowers supports healthy immunity and vitality through its adaptogenic qualities. It harmonizes, balances and strengthens the physiological axis of the endocrine, immune and nervous systems thus greatly improving resistance to daily stress. This spiritual tonic enhances clarity around our true nature and manifestation of our soul directed purpose. Calendula Flower Essence Tincture: Works on all levels of body, mind and spirit and assists with centered receptivity though its opening, relaxing, grounding and empowering qualities. Supports personal empowerment, receptivity and internal comfort, especially in communication dynamics. Supports digestive and skin health. Lavender Flower Essence Tincture: Relaxes the nervous system to support deep sleep & calm mental states, and encourages us to acknowledge and express our deeper wisdom. Reduces emotional and mental agitation, and lessens the feelings of depletion and burnout. Encourages the manifestation of our inner divinity. How to Use FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Tinctures FlorAlchemy's Flower Essence Tinctures are designed to address body, mind and spirit by way of adjusting the dose depending on what you would like to address. To nourish and heal the body primarily: Standard dose is 30-40 drops orally twice a day used to address physical complaints along side addressing the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. To nourish and heal the emotions, mind and spirit primarily: Energetic dose is 1-2 drops orally, 2-4 times a day. It is important to not let the glass dropper touch anything besides the contents of the tincture in order to keep the energetics of the Flower Essence Tincture clear and potent.