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Deluxe Diffuser Package

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  • New! Intermittent feature allows diffuser to run 6+ hours!
  • Incredible Aroma With So Many Benefits: Many families choose to diffuse essential oils to fill their homes with incredible aroma, but that's just one of many benefits. Studies show that the most effective way to receive the benefits of essential oils is by diffusing them into the air. Diffusing oils helps keep the whole family healthy, purifies the air and can be used in the office to enhance concentration and clarity and at home for relaxation and the creation of uplifting moods.
  • Best Absorption: Our ultrasonic diffuser disperses water and essential oils into microdroplets that allow the body to absorb and utilize essential oil most effectively, thereby providing the greatest benefit. The cool mist vapor of this ultrasonic diffuser is produced without heat, which can damage the oils.
  • Easy To Use: To use, simply open, fill with water, add several drops of your essential oil and push the mist button. To clean, simply wipe out the inside with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Different Lighting Modes: Choose from a range of lighting options, from no lights to a soothing fuscia or a cool blue, or have your diffuser alternate all the colors of the rainbow. Kids love the lighting function, and it can be used as a nightlight.
  • Practically Silent: While other diffusers can be noisy, this diffuser is virtually silent, making it perfect for a massage, meditation or sleep.
  • Saves Money: One of the best parts about this ultrasonic diffuser is that, because it uses water to disperse oil particles, you use less oils.
  • Diffuser Dimensions: 6.25" diameter x 3.25" height