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Complete FlorAlchemy Flower Essence & Tincture Collection

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This set includes all FlorAlchemy Flower Essences, Blends, and Flower Essence Tinctures. Eighteen ½ oz droppers of the following Flower Essences: Bear Fruit — Salmonberry: Brings us into alignment with our innate abundance, fruitfulness and creative power. Embrace the Body — Mossy Mountain Heather: Helps us to feel comfortable with and accepting of our body. Great for body image issues and times when the body has felt mistreated. Fertile Force — Velvet Bells: Velvet bells, with her strong affinity for the Womb, helps us tap into our creative power. Supports fertility on multiple levels. Flow Free — Corydalis: An energetic cleanser to boldly move through stagnation creating improved flow and feelings of well-being. Great applied topically. Free to Be Me — Wild Mountain Avens: Helps us to feel free to be ourself. It boosts confidence and joy by releasing fear, self-doubt and self-judgment. Harmony — Sacred Basil: A spiritual tonic to balance and integrate spiritual energy into daily life. It enhances clarity around our true nature or life purpose. Heart Ease — Wild Pansy: Comforts and uplifts the heart. It is a potent catalyst to heal the past and bring us more into present time. Illuminate — Cottongrass: A torch of light and hope that promotes clarity and comfort in foggy times. It enhances fortitude and the unification of inner strengths. Liberation — Rowan: Rowan is protective, strengthening and empowering. It can be used to release dark thoughts, emotional pain and hopelessness. Nourish & Nurture — Rose: Rose cradles and nourishes the emotional heart. It lovingly supports us during trying times through its comforting and soothing nature. Protection — Wild Lavender: Protective. Help us establish proper boundaries on multiple levels by helping us discern what is appropriate to 'let in' and 'keep out'. Purify & Manifest — Palo Santo: A strongly purifying and protective essence that works to remove negativity and enhance creativity. Restore — Cuckoo: A catalyst for gracefully releasing emotional trauma. Works with heartache, fear and any state preventing us from fully enjoying life. Reconnect — Purple Saxifrage: Beautifully works to heal states of disconnection. Addresses feelings of separation, fear, sorrow, loneliness, abandonment and feeling lost. Strength — Rhodiola: Through its ability to strengthen our energetic connection to the earth, Rhodiola can be used to increase stability, security and rootedness. Transformation — Immortelle: A powerful catalyst for spiritual growth & healing emotional trauma. Helps heal the past & encourages living from the soul's directive. Tune In — Starwort Mouse-ear: Helps tune us into our inner wisdom, guidance and meditative states. It works to quiet mental chatter, confusion, and nightmares. Safe & Secure — Wood Crane's Bill: Enhances feelings of inner security and trust in life. Addresses the fear and shame associated with feeling like we are not enough. Eight ½ oz droppers of the following Flower Essence Blends: Stress Relief: A relaxing and soothing floral blend. Can be used to support the healing of daily or chronic stress. Inner Judge: Assists healing of guilt, shame, self-criticism and blame. Trauma Repair: Assists to stabilize, soothe and clear emotional trauma. Mind Ease: Addresses negative mental states, confusion and repetitive thoughts. Empowerment: Flowers that boost inner confidence, strength and will. Renewal: Floral support for a new beginning. Cellular Harmony: Floral support to optimize cellular wellbeing and intelligence. Flower Fortress: Protective flowers that ward against disruptive & disharmonious forces. Support for those living in urban environments & those exposed to electromagnetic pollution. Five 1 oz dropper bottles of the following Flower Essence Tinctures (FET): Calendula FET: Supports personal empowerment, receptivity and internal comfort, especially in communication dynamics. Supports digestive and skin health. Lavender FET: Relaxes the nervous system to support deep sleep & calm mental states. Encourages us to acknowledge and express our deeper wisdom. Sacred Basil FET: Enhances vitality and improves resistance to the cumulative effects of daily stress. Brings clarity around our truth and life purpose. Rose FET: Soothes & strengthens the heart, quiets an overactive mind and supports emotional equilibrium. Supports a healthy inflammatory response. Passionflower FET: Relaxes the nervous system to counteract agitation, restlessness, excessive mental activity, disturbed sleep, and feelings of depletion, it is excellent for balancing an overstimulated body and mind, and enhancing spiritual insight. See FlorAlchemy Flower Essence Indications