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Common Name: Chamomile German

Botanicals Name: Matricaria Recutita

Cultivation: Wild Crafted

Origin: Hungary

Plant Part Used: Flowers

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Note: Middle

Source: Single Source

Aroma: Sweet, herbaceous, slightly fruity

Included In Blends:

About: Although the flowers Chamomile German oil is extracted from have pure white petals with bright yellow centers, the essential oil those bright flowers produces is a deep, vivid and beautiful blue color. The rich blue color is similar to Yarrow or Blue Tansy and in some cases Chamomile German oil has even been used interchangeably with them. Chamomile German oil has an herbaceous, sweet and slightly fruity aroma much different in color and aroma than Chamomile Roman. Although the aroma between German and Roman Chamomile look and smell drastically different, their abilities and uses are strikingly similar. Both types of Chamomile are commonly found in relaxing or calming blends.

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