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Bountiful Beauty Collection

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The Bountiful Beauty Collection comes wrapped in a beautiful package and includes one of each:

  • Organic Radiant Glow Serum (15 mL)
  • Organic Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Essential Oil (dram)
  • Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil (15 mL)
  • Wild-Harvested Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil (15 mL)
  • Organic Blue Chamomile Essential Oil (dram)
  • Organic Rosehip Seed Essential Oil (4 oz)
  • Organic Nectar of Immortelle Serum (5 mL)

Radiant Glow Sea Buckthorn Antioxidant Serum, formulated by Sara Crow L.Ac., shines at healing and regenerating the skin. This highly nutritive formula works to repair damaged skin, improve tone and texture, and promote a healthy radiant glow.

Our special Rose Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Oil is a custom co-distillation of rose geranium and Damascus rose. In addition to an exquisite fragrance, this oil promotes clear skin, calms emotions, and uplifts and enlivens the senses.

Distilled in Corsica from the tiny seeds of the wild carrot, Wild Carrot Oil offers a high level of antioxidant support to support aging or environmentally stressed skin.

As well as being a powerful tool for meditation, Frankincense Serrata Oil is used cosmetically to support, nourish and regenerate dry, wrinkled, and aging skin. Frankincense has been used traditionally and in modern times to speed the body's natural healing response.

Cultivated from organic chamomile flowers cultivated in Nepal, our Blue Chamomile Oil nourishes and restores healthy sebum or skin oil. Used since ancient times, this cousin of the daisy is also among the gentlest of oils, ideal for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin.

Rosehip Oil is best-known for its remarkable effects on the skin, specifically for reducing wrinkles and signs of premature aging. Our Rosehip Oil is organic and wild-harvested.

Nectar of Immortelle is light, non-greasy, easily absorbed and infused with the intoxicating sweet fragrance of the immortelle flowers. It contains the organically cultivated variety Helichrysum italicum essential oil that is renowned in the cosmetic industry for its remarkable ability to protect, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. A customer favorite!

In this video series, Sara shares her personal skin care routine. Watch to learn how to use many of the items in the Bountiful Beauty Collection:

Sara Crow skin care

Looking for more information about how to use natural beauty products? The Renegade Beauty Home Course with Nadine Artemis explains in detail how to use all of the products in this kit, and much more!

❝I want to share my personal experience as well as a few different approaches with the Bountiful Beauty Collection botanicals. Personally, I use all of these on my face. I wash my face with oil. Rosehip seed oil is my personal favorite because it reduces redness and is high in Vit C which is great for supporting collagen production. Then, I apply the Nectar of Immortelle serum. Immortelle is one of the greatest skin allies ever. All the cosmetic companies in Europe buy this years in advance from the distillers because it is so talented at regenerating skin. Over that I apply the Radiant Glow Sea Buckthorn Antioxidant serum. I do this protocol twice a day. With the essential oils of Frankincense, Wild Carrot and Geranium Sur Fleur Rose, I add several drops of each to one of the serums. One could also add those essential oils to the Rosehip oil instead.

I have noticed a tremendous betterment of my skin since I starting washing with oil and using these serums and essential oils. I have noticed that uneven patchy old looking skin has transformed over many months to reveal skin that gets compliments. I love being outside..my whole life I have loved taking LONG bike rides in Southern California exposing my face to the elements excessively. That took its toll on my skin. Now, that is all reversed. Plants are amazing in so many ways!❞

–Sara Crow, L.Ac

Sorry, no substitutions on packages. This product contains only natural ingredients and may vary slightly in color.