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Bliss Misting Potion

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About Bliss Misting Potion A Misting Potion for Skin, Aura, and Home. Envelop yourself in a joyful and celebratory cascade of flowers that beautifully uplifts the heart and mind. Bliss Misting Potion contains many wildflower essences to encourage lightness, laughter, and blissful states alongside a gorgeous aromatic bouquet of tropical flowers, such as frangipani (plumeria), ylang-ylang and vanilla. This multifaceted misting potion evokes elevated moods, a joyful heart, optimism, and euphoria states. Our Bliss Misting Potion is intended for misting your skin, around yourself, and your environment. Truly a unique and powerful tool for enhancing joy, gratitude and a sense of celebration! Aromatic Profile of Bliss Misting Potion The aromatic profile is soft and floral (not overpowering or overly sweet). How To Use Bliss Misting Potion Gently shake and mist on your skin as a beautifying toner, or around yourself and your environment for uplifting and joy. It is gentle enough to use directly on the skin and safe for all members of a family. Ingredients Aromatic waters of Frangipani (plumeria); essential oils of ylang ylang and vanilla; Icelandic wildflower essences of heath orchid, blueberry, forget-me-not (made on the blue moon), wood crane’s bill, butterwort, lady’s smock, black current, starwort mouse-ear, pine; wildflower essences of asphodel, echinacea, Corsican wild rose, pink tecoma, red hollyhock, buckwheat, seaside daisy, & self-heal.