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Immune support kit (Twin pack)

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For the welfare of its wellness seekers and addressing this time of crisis today, our medical team at Radhaa’s Ayurway are bringing to your door the best of Ayurveda’s treasure, an Aarogya kit to maintain and enhance immunity for you and your family.

Kit includes Combination of  Pranadhatri tablets and  Ojasvi capsules

1. Maintains a healthy immune system and the strength to 
fight infections which is the need of the hour.

2. Maintains balance and equilibrium of doshas (bio-psychic forces), the Agni (digestive fire), Dhatus(tissues), and Mala (waste products) in then body which are the key factors for preserving health.

Pranadhatri - One capsule once a day after breakfast with luke warm water.

Ojasvi - One capsule once a day after dinner with luke warm water.

1. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

2. Medicine is contraindicated for chldren below 14 years of age.