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Yarrow Flower – Health Fusion Yarrow Flower (Achillea millefolium) 100% Pure Essential oil is Organically grown in Bulgaria & is a 1st distillation. Yarrow flower has a floral, herbaceous aroma & is a deep blue color due in part to its naturally high azulene content. Yarrow flower is quite possibly the best diaphoretic in aromatherapy & is often used for the flu or other sickness in order to aid the body in sweating to help with the elimination of toxins. Yarrow Flower is also used for inflammation, injury, bruises, rash, scars, pain & burns along with hair loss, colds, constipation, colic & digestion. Yarrow Flower is also used to help with balance, insomnia, anxiety, heavy menstrual cycles & menopausal issues.